Tony Tinderholt

Rep. Tony Tinderholt, who is currently on his fifth marriage

Arlington state Rep. Tony Tinderholt, who filed a complaint with the State Commission on Judicial Conduct after a lesbian couple was allowed to marry last month, believes in the sanctity of marriage so much he’s done it five times.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the “complaint” was handwritten and was filed against the wrong judge.

Tinderholt complained that Judge David Wahlberg declared the state’s marriage law unconstitutional and that he didn’t notify the attorney general, which was required before issuing a final judgment.

As Star-Telegram writer Bud Kennedy points out, unfortunately someone will have to respond to the scribbled complaint on state time.

The complaint was issued against the wrong judge. Probate Judge Guy Herman declared the law unconstitutional earlier that week in an unrelated case. Herman did, indeed, notify Attorney General Ken Paxton, and Paxton said at the time that he chose not to intervene. (Paxton did, however, appeal the ruling to the Texas Supreme Court after it was issued.)

And Walhberg, the judge responsible for ruling that Austin couple Sarah Goodfriend and Suzanne Bryant could marry, issued a temporary restraining order, not a final judgement.

Tinderholt should spend more time learning about how the laws he’s been elected to enact actually work. And if he wants to learn how to make one of his multiple marriages work, he might look to Goodfriend and Bryant. They’ve been together 31 years, longer than Tinderholt’s five marriages put together. Also, his office should spend a few hundred dollars and buy computers.