Gay real estate broker Bob McCranie reports via Facebook that Dallas police are conducting traffic enforcement out of the parking lot of Walgreens at Oak Lawn Avenue and Cedar Springs Road. Who knows, maybe they’re hoping to catch the next person who crashes into the Legacy of Love Monument. But seriously, last time they did a major crackdown on Cedar Springs it was something of a controversy.

Here’s what McCranie said yesterday:

I was traveling south on Oak Lawn and turned right on Cedar Springs. The light was green, but there is an additional stop sign at the right hand turn. And I stopped, but right after I stopped an officer stepped out from behind a tree and waved me over. He’s parked on private property (Walgreens) and told me I had run the stop sign. My two clients in my car thought I had stopped too.

So the officer was surly and was just baiting me to say anything smart or disrespectful, like he was upset I wasn’t arguing with him. He asked if I was in a hurry. I said, “No more than usual,” and he said, “So, you’re always in a hurry?” I told him that’s not what I said. The ego trip he had was just grinding but I was respectful, took my ticket and went on.

When I got to the Bronx they said that this officer is working the corner and wrote about 40 tickets the other day. As we ate he kept walking out in the street, waving cars over and writing tickets.

I know the city of Dallas needs money but it’s sad to see them resort to ticket traps.

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