A confederacy of homophobes

Cody (Trevor St. John) and Joey (Patrick Wang) are an unlikely pair in rural Martin, Tenn.: An interracial couple (Joey is Asian, though both are dyed-in-the-wool Southerners), they’re rearing Cody’s precious 6-year-old son, Chip (Sebastian Brodziak), from a prior marriage. They live openly and comfortably among their friends and family, as idyllic — really, as boring — as most couples are.

Still, it’s not difficult to see the direction the story of In the Family is headed: When Cody is in an accident (we never really learn the nature of it), Joey and Chip face the challenge of putting their lives back together. And this being the South, and the characters being gay … well, the conflict kind of writes itself.

Or does it?

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