Back to basics with this horrific thrill-ride

Ridley Scott is back in the director’s chair for Prometheus, a prequel (yes, it absolutely is) to the Alien series that is the closest anyone has come to capturing the intensity and beauty of being scared shitless as a form of entertainment.

It’s set less than a century in the future, when archaeologists (and hot lovers) Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace, one of the strangest-looking actresses working today) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green, who’s dreamy in a hipster kinda way) have convinced a decrepit zillionaire (Guy Pearce, in fantastic makeup) that mankind’s creators may live on a remote, Earth-like planet. Their expedition — 17 strong, not quite as elegant as seven, but good still — take the ship Prometheus there and encounter … well, not exactly the alien we have grown to know and love, but something. And it’s terrifying.

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