Yoweni MuseveniUgandan dictator Yoweni Museveni spoke to supporters at a private ranch near Allen in Collin County on Sunday, Sept. 21.

One Ugandan that attended described the event as taking place in a “hot, mosquito-filled tent.” He said Museveni threatened to take revenge on his country’s LGBT citizens for his treatment in Dallas.

“I was told that Dallas is full of homosexuals and lesbians,” he reportedly told the people gathered to meet with him. “I didn’t know they were so powerful.”

He mentioned being refused reservations at area hotels after Dallas Voice reported on his plans.

Then came the threats.

“I wish I knew what to do with them,” Museveni said.

And the dictator intent on LGBT genocide said he’d show us what happens to homosexuals when he gets home.

We know Museveni was given a visa to enter the U.S. to attend a U.N. conference this week, but such visas to the U.N. are often restricted to New York City. Our question is, why is a head of state allowed to travel around the U.S. and make veiled threats of murder?