Finding Jupiter is set to drop their debut EP Io on Tuesday, but you can get a preview of that with a free download of “Stars” on their Facebook page. The band is led by out singer Sarah Masimore, described in a press release as “an active and proud member of the LGBT community, Masimore’s lyrical storytelling draws from her own experiences capturing love, life, and heartache from a viewpoint outside of the Alt-Rock norm.” You can find that out by giving the rockers more of a listen here.

More from the press release:

In the track “Roses,” Masimore reflects on the turbulent nature of dating in the lesbian community, which she harshly labels as “supply and demand.” Masimore notes that such communities are “usually pretty small, and chances are anyone you start to date has dated someone else you know.” With any sense of anonymity stripped from her romantic life, Sarah ended up the target of severe judgment from her peers. “Roses” speaks exclusively to this experience:

“I had just fallen for a girl like I had never fallen before.  Not only was I madly in love, but for some strange reason she was madly in love with me too.  Because of the unique complexity that exists within lesbian communities, there was a ton of backlash in our group of friends/ex’s once we started dating.  It actually got really intense… ‘Roses’ was a way for me to embrace this love that I knew was literally a once in a lifetime experience and to deal with the unabashed and thoughtless judgment I was getting from so many.”

Masimore’s relatable struggle with self-confidence provides the backdrop to Finding Jupiter’s song “Stars.” She says the song is about “being on the brink of doubt and failure, but making the conscious decision to make a change in your life.  It’s about living life fully… and choosing optimism.  Things will get better.  ‘Leave all your fires lit, cause it won’t always be like this’ is probably my favorite line.”

Maybe the residual poptastic air from last week’s Britney concert has me most interested in the uke-based cover of Spears’ “Till the World Ends.” I think they might have just proven that even techno-confections can be boiled down to some nice simplicity.

Finding Jupiter – “Till the World Ends” _Britney Spears ukulele cover_