Just got an interesting e-mail from reader Greg Burnham, who read my 2007 JFK assassination anniversary article that explores the question, were Ruby and Oswald gay lovers?

Part of the story touches on whether or not prosecutor Jim Garrison molested a 15-year-old dude at in the steam room of a health club in New Orleans.  One of the experts I interviewed was Vincent Bugliosi, who said the rumor was bogus, “Unless you’re trying to connect — as some people have tried to do — that Garrison prosecuted Shaw because of his, Garrison’s, own sexuality. That’s extremely tenuous and not realistic. But Garrison’s ‘homosexual thrill-kill’ plot was his theory du jour, which he constantly changed. In the end, he accused Shaw of being in the CIA.”

Burnham points out that he agrees that Garrison wasn’t a perv who trolled young men at health clubs, but Burnham isn’t so sure about gay businessman Clay Shaw‘s CIA connection. And he e-mailed the following documents to prove it  [pasted below video]

Burnham writes: “Former CIA Deputy Director/Plans Richard Helms, admitted while under oath in 1979, that Clay Shaw had, in fact, been a contract agent for the Central Intelligence Agency. Moreover, it is believed that Shaw introduced the Deputy Director Central Intelligence, Charles Cabell [see page 2 below] to the Foreign Policy Association of New Orleans in May 1961. This is just after Cabell had been fired by JFK due to his part in the failed Bay of Pigs invasion along with CIA Director Allen Dulles (who ended up on the Warren Commission) — and who was also the brother of Earl Cabell, Mayor of Dallas in 1963 where Kennedy was slain.”

I asked Burnham if he knew if Earl’s brother was gay…

For all y’all who don’t know, this is a video that features Earl Cabell and Garrison.

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