James (Jimmy) Golden III’s name has been added to the plaque by on the Frank Caven Memorial Garden wall at the Legacy of Love monument by his partner Timothy Schneider. The monument and garden was built in 2005 by the Oak Lawn Committee that continues to maintain it.

Schneider and Golden met in Oak Lawn in 1986 and were together 25 years until Golden’s death.

The Oak Lawn Community was a very important part of our life together,” Scheider said.

Golden passed away at home on April 30, 2011 from complications of liver cancer.

He wanted an Irish-wake-style party like we had for my parents,” Schneider said. “His favorite Chinese restaurant accommodated me and we had an Irish wake for a black guy at a Chinese restaurant. It was good for a laugh for everyone which is what he wanted. He was so full of joy and I miss that still.”

The Oak Lawn Committee is holding a fundraiser to help replenish the monument’s Maintenance Endowment Fund on Nov. 2 at the Warwick Melrose Hotel’s Landmark Restaurant.