A national fraternity for gay and bisexual students and their supporters is headed to the University of Missouri-Columbia.
Delta Lambda Phi, which began in 1987 in Washington, D.C., consists of 18 chapters nationwide, including groups at Purdue University, the University of Minnesota, Southern Methodist University and the University of South Alabama.
The University of Missouri-Columbia group will be inducted as a colony, the first formal step toward full recognition. Two previous efforts in recent years failed for lack of interest.
Eight University of Missouri students are in the inaugural induction class. They emphasize that the fraternity is about celebrating brotherhood, not sexuality.
“It’s a fraternity, not a gay fraternity,” said Joe Bowmaster, a junior at Westminister College in Fulton who plans to transfer to University of Missouri to participate in the group. нужен копирайтер удаленная работапродающие визитки