The Naughty Kitchen with Chef Blythe Beck, the reality show on Oxygen set at Central 214 here in Dallas, had its season finale tonight, and the Dallas Voice was prominently featured.

The series began with Beck receiving a less-than-glowing review from the Dallas Morning News, and for much of the run, tension has built over whether she could keep her job by redeeming her food in the eyes of critics. In the final episode, that redemption came when she received a review written by yours truly.

Sure, the show plays a little fast-and-loose with the timeline (my review came out this summer — in the national pride edition — not long after the DMN’s and well before many of the events already portrayed), but it was gratifying to hear about 75 percent of the review read aloud on the show. (It was an especially big deal for Beck because my review under the prior exec chef was not so positive.)

Anyway, if you catch it on reruns, you can see the big reveal about 45 minutes into the episode… or you can spoil the suspense and read it here.mobil rpg gameсайтов раскрутка