UPDATE: Adam Bink over at the NOM Tour Tracker, let me know that their interview with me is up. (I took a break from hopping between the NOMers and our peeps), surf over for its coverage.

I will have much more later, including some incredible blather from the mouth of Brian Brown, who was sweating like a pig out near the Capital Building, surrounded by, as JMG has said, TENS (as in about 45) supporters. We had about 200 on our side, as you’ll see in the slide show. It looked like the journalists and cops together outnumbered the NOMers.

The table with neat stacks of one-man, one-woman T-Shirts was left unmonitored a good bit of the time because there were customers buying the crap. Guess it’s back onto the bus to try hawking them in another city.

On the video he was into the whole victimhood thing, spouting how the people standing peacefully on the other side of the street were “shouting him down” and impinging on his free speech rights. You’ll also see video later of a local yokel bigot   hysterical over same-sex marriage destroying society.

And as we’ve seen at all of the other NOM rallies, there are eerily similar seniors showing up with lawn chairs, mesmerized by the “action.”

I will have some real tales ones to share, including my work colleague Robyn’s reaction to seeing Brown for the first time, and our encounter with a fundie from The Ruth Institute, who made the mistake of thinking both of us were straight marriage savers when she starting pitching her BS. It was hilarious.
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