The Financial Times is reporting that Great Britian’s domestic intelligence agency is actively recruiting gay spies and wants its staff to be more open about their sexuality.

The paper says that Stonewall, a gay lobby group, has been hired to help recruit gays and lesbians into the ranks of the agency, more commonly known as MI5.

The story didn’t say why MI5 is specifically looking to recruit gays, only that it is part of the agency’s efforts to broaden its base to more accurately reflect a more diverse society. It did note, however, that: “The contract marks a significant change in stance by MI5. Gay men and women were barred from working in sensitive posts in the diplomatic or security services until the early 1990s, a quarter of a century after sexual acts between men were decriminalised in 1967.”

I wonder if they would hire an American homo? I have always wanted to be a spy, just so I could wear one of those James Bond tuxedos and get all those cool “toys” he always had in those movies!

See the whole story here.

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