IMG_4888The Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is famed for its extravagant gift ideas — Fantasy Gifts, as they call the uppermost selections of once-in-a-lifetime suggestions for the richest of the rich (the top end, a custom tour of India organized by O’Harani Luxe Experiences, caps out at $400,000). For another travel experience, jewelry designer Ippolita will take you on a custom 7-10 day tour of the artisans of her native Italy, seeing how Murano glassblowers, artisan book binders and a host of other craftsmen preserve centuries of technique. (That’s just $150,000.)

To travel more one-on-one, shell out $150,000 for a customized motorcycle by Arch. Sure, that’s a lot for a bike, even a 2,000-cc performance vehicle that looks like an Anime bike made real. But there’s more to the gift — such as, a two-day bike ride across Southern California for you and a friend, with your riding partner Keanu Reeves (I’m not making this up). There’s also air fare to the factory outside L.A., a visit to the facility and accommodations, all while pretending to recreate scenes from My Own Private Idaho. If you prefer four wheels, Ford has designed a limited edition (100 only) Mustang convertible, branded for Neiman Marcus ($95,000).

IMG_4896You probably won’t wanna get the cycle and the whiskey experience from The Orphan Barrel Project, which finds old juice from bourbon distilleries and releases one-of-a-kind editions of classic bottles. The experience includes a gorgeous bar and barware as well as the chance to select and brand two bottles of your own custom whiskeys. How good are they? Well, I tasted two of them and trust me, they are worth the $125,000 price tag.

Still too much? If you have just $5k to spend, you can indulge the kid in your life with a trunk filled with his-and-hers Halloween costumes. For a more upscale trunk of goodies, though, you’ll wanna look over the portmanteau of accessories curated by Iris Apfel, pictured, from chunky jewelry (her signature look) to bags and azure crocodile belts — some antique one-offs, some designed by Iris herself, some new pieces — for a merely $80,000. “I hope someone buys it,” Iris, the glamorous style maven, told me. “Maybe someone has a good sugar daddy.”

I’d like such a sugar daddy, I told her. I think we all would.