Field of poppies in Kiest Park in Oak Cliff
Field of poppies in Kiest Park in Oak Cliff

Apparently the city of Dallas has come up with a new, secret plan to close the budget gap.

poppies2I live next to Kiest Park in Oak Cliff. Last fall, I noticed large tracts of unused park land plowed under and new signs posted that read “Nature/Wildflower area.”

Not until this week did the nefarious plan become obvious. The field is blooming with beautiful poppies.

That could mean one of two things. The city was growing a crop to supply seeds for the area’s bagel businesses or harvesting the crop for heroin.

With so few bagel shops in Dallas (and not a single good one), I surmised the plan to close the budget gap is more likely based on that of the Taliban.

Judging by the strength of the crop, Dallas’ budget crisis should be over by this summer.poppies3

Think of the advantages Dallas has over Afghanistan. Despite higher labor costs in the Metroplex, wholesale distribution has always been one of our largest industries. And we have the built in market.

Hopefully, much of the commodity will be sold elsewhere in Texas, however. Like our hotel and rental car taxes that build our stadiums and arenas, we prefer people from Houston buy things for us.

I expect to hear from the mayor’s office about this. Or maybe from the parks department. They’ll probably claim they’re just wildflowers.

Or for bagels.сопровождение web сайтовпоиск google на сайт