Poster for event for phony charity
Poster for event for fraudulent charity

This Friday, Sarah Palin will appear at the Fairmont Hotel for an event to raise money for a non-existent women’s center in Oak Lawn. Although listed as a 501(c)(3), the “charity” is not listed on the IRS website, so tickets are not tax deductible.

But that shouldn’t stop you from going. Well, maybe it did stop many people. Because they’ve lowered the price. The $1,000 tickets have been lowered to $250 and the VIP ticket price is now a bargain, non-tax-deductible $2,000 for two with the added bonus of bringing along six of your closest friends for non-VIP seating.

Only the VIPs get their picture taken with Palin, though. And yes, I know — you want to know how you can get on my Christmas card list this year.

Originally ticket prices were $10,000 each or two tickets for $25,000. Do the math on your hand. It works. Really. And four tickets were $75,000. Use your other hand for that one.

The mayor will be on hand to offer a special welcome to everyone and talk show host Mike Gallagher is the emcee.

The event starts at 7 p.m. Press not invited. Damn.

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