As we released our new Corporate Equalty Index yesterday, the Out & Equal Workplace Summit was kicking off in Los Angeles.  According to their recent survey, nearly four our of five – or 78% — of heterosexual adults agree that how an employee performs at his or her job should be the standard for judging an employee, not his or her sexual orientation. Also, three out of five – or 62% — of heterosexual adults agree that regardless of their sexual orientation, all employees are entitled to equal benefits on the job, such as health insurance for their partners or spouses.

When it comes to particular workplace benefits offered to spouses of married heterosexual employees, 74% of heterosexuals think both spouses and same-sex partners should receive leave for employees who experience the loss of a spouse/partner or close family member. Also, seven out of ten – or 70% – of heterosexual adults think both spouses and partners should receive leave rights for family and medical emergencies as outlined in the Family and Medical Leave Act. And, a majority, 63%, of heterosexuals also think both spouses and partners should receive untaxed health insurance benefits.

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