Here’s a link to a funny little piece from New York Magazine on 18-year-old Levi Johnston (pictured above), the father of Bristol Palin’s baby. In case you missed it, Bristol is the 17-year-old daughter of Republican vice presidential pick Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska.

“Johnston is basically the quintessential example of that guy who you are constantly worried is going to impregnate your daughter (and occasionally does),” NYM’s Chris Rovzar writes. “He’s a handsome stud, an athletic star, and he has a criminal record. (For illegally fishing some Alaskan king salmon from Moose Lake out of season. Best crime ever!) He even has a fake blog already (Sample headline: “ABORT! ABORT! ABORT!”). Plus, he described himself as a “fuckin’ redneck” on his now-defunct MySpace page, which is basically the truest combination of two words anyone has made during this whole campaign. Dude, Honest Abe himself would want this guy in the Lincoln bedroom.”размещение интернет рекламыпродвижение сайта рейтинг