Kennedy: “I would like to thank the Human Rights Campaign for the assistance they have provided in my effort to change Albany. HRC staff and volunteers played a key role in ensuring a major victory."

They say everything comes in threes.

On Election Night three new marriage equality supporters were elected in tight state Senate races: Tony Avella (Queens), David Carlucci (Rockland County), and Tim Kennedy (Buffalo).

HRC played a key role in helping each of these wins by providing campaign staff, volunteers, and funds.

Unfortunately, there are also three  races that are still not officially called, and each Senator voted for marriage equality last year: Craig Johnson (Nassau County), Suzi Oppenheimer (Westchester), and Antoine Thompson (Erie County).

Earlier this week the final Election Districts were tallied in Westchester.  Now, with only absentee, provisional, and military ballots remaining to be counted, marriage equality supporter Senator Oppenheimer is ahead by 504 votes.

Carlucci: “HRC provided my campaign with top-notch organizers. Along with their financial support, HRC played a key part in my campaign and I’m grateful for their support, and I'm looking forward to working together on the issues we care about."

In the other two races,  Senator Craig Johnson trails by 415 votes and Senator Antoine Thompson trails by 598.  However, each District still needs to count approximately 4,000 absentee, provisional, or other ballots.

Avella: "Thank you to the Human Rights Campaign for their support of my campaign. I look forward to representing the values of equality and fairness in the New York state senate and to voting in favor of marriage equality and GENDA."

Most observers believe these three elections will not be officially decided until November 24 or beyond, and there may be challenges.

Party control of the Senate hangs in the balance of these three races.  However, Senate leadership from both parties support a vote on marriage taking place.  Time (and results of these three races) will tell.

HRC’s Campaign for NY Marriage has and will continue to play a key role in the fight for marriage equality.

Senator Craig Johnson trails by 415 votes.

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