Tea Party candidate for New York governor Carl Paladino has sent voters a mailer that stinks. Literally. Via the New York Times:

“Help Carl Paladino turn Albany upside down and take out the trash!” the mailer concludes. The mailer may be a bit much for some. Even before you open it, you notice an odor, according to a reporter who tested the mailer at Mr. Paladino’s campaign headquarters in Buffalo. It isn’t awful at first. Garlic or onions? Or maybe cloves or really bad perfume? But after a few minutes, the smell gets worse and worse, and eventually, you realize that it smells like a landfill. That is not a coincidence; the smell was “captured,” technically speaking, at a landfill, according to the campaign.

The latest poll shows Paladino tied with GOP candidate Rick Lazio. New York’s primary is tomorrow.

Joe. My. God.