Gov. John Lynch

According to the Nashua (N.H.) Union Leader, a bill that would repeal marriage equality is working its way through the Republican-controlled Legislature.

The bill would allow civil unions for gay or straight couples and would not affect same-sex marriages that have already occurred in the state. But civil unions would have little meaning because any business, individual, school or association could decide not to recognize them.

The sponsor of the bill could find no reason to repeal marriage equality so his excuse was that even if it’s not evident now, it will harm society over time.

Another supporter of the bill claimed that the bill doesn’t discriminate against anyone since everyone can take advantage of heterosexual marriage. Is that like banning some religions since everyone can take advantage of going to a Christian church?

A vote on the bill cannot come to the floor of the Legislature until 2012.

Gov. John Lynch, who signed the marriage equality bill, said he would veto the repeal. However, Lynch is up for re-election in 2012 and announced that he won’t seek a fifth term in office.