Tallywackers officially opens, and sales in the shorty-short industry soar

TallywackersThe premise has been beat to the ground: What would you call a male version of Hooters, the breastaurant chain featuring buxom ladies in satin short and tight-fitting tanks? Why Tallywackers, a chestaurant — likewise with the tight tank tops, but with clingy Spandex shorty-shorts that, ahem, “advertise” the menu’s signature footlong.

The grand opening of the Lemmon Avenue eatery, which has received national attention for its scandalous premise, was Saturday. But Winston Lackey, the media and marketing director for the place, told me he’s glad the “event” part is past; now it’s the day-to-day operation that he hopes will set Tallywackers apart, from the all-beef pound of frankfurter (served open-faced, and garnished with heaps of cole slaw and pickles) to the fried chicken and gravy entrée that wants to give home cookin’ a run for its money.

Of course, the appeal will continue to be the waiters, a team of muscular young men who, for your 21st birthday” (all birthdays are 21st, it seems), rip off the tanks to sing their best wishes. That beats a free sundae for the birthday boy any day.

— Arnold Wayne Jones

4218 Lemmon Ave.
Open daily for lunch, dinner and late-night, 11–2 a.m.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition June 5, 2015.