By Associated Press

Hill was among 3 women convicted in attack on man who made provocative sexual comments

NEW YORK — A lesbian facing a second trial for attacking a man in New York City for making sexual advances has pleaded guilty to gang assault.

Renata Hill, of Newark, N.J., pleaded guilty in exchange for a 31/2-year sentence. She must surrender at the prison in Bedford Hills, N.Y. on April 30.

Hill and three other lesbians were convicted in April 2007 of assaulting Dwayne Buckle after he made provocative sexual comments. He was stabbed during the attack.

A state appeals court threw out the convictions of three of the women, dismissing the charges against one, and ordering new trials for Hill and another.

Prosecutors had said they would retry Hill and the other woman.

The appeals court reduced the sentence of the fourth woman. prazdnik-kharkovреклама радио цена