Apparently, at least school official in Utah doesn’t know the difference between a traditional Scottish kilt and a dress.

According to, Craig Jessop, headteacher at Rocky Mountain Jr. High in Utah’s Weber School District, told 14-year-old Gavin McFarland that he was not allowed to wear the kilt to school because somebody might think, horror of horrors, that McFarland was cross-dressing.

McFarland, who is Scottish-American, said he had worn the kilt to school twice over the course of two weeks as a prop for an art project.

Nate Taggart, a spokesman for the school district, said school officials recognize the kilt as an expression of McFarland’s Scottish heritage, that him wearing it to school was not inappropriate, and that Jessop has been told to apologize to McFarland for the comments.сайтыпродвижение сайта топ