This is ridiculous. Some of us actually defended Harry Reid when many of our readers couldn’t have cared less about his re-election. Please don’t prove our loyalty wrong, Senator.

We just got word that the Senate is planning to spend 3 days impeaching a judge next week. (Background on the impeachment of Judge Thomas Porteous here.) This, at a time when the Senate claims to have little to no time to deal with all those pesky issues like DADT and a bill to authorize the entire US military. But they do find time to impeach some judge who could be just as easily impeached in January.

If these bozos don’t figure out how to get DADT repealed in the next two to three weeks, there is going to be hell to pay. You think the gays are pissed now? Just wait until the Obama presidency and the Reid/Pelosi Congress couldn’t get DADT repealed, ENDA passed or DOMA repealed. This is pathetic.