Today the National Organization for marriage boasted in an email that they’ve “just released what may very well be our most powerful ad yet . . . focusing on the right of Minnesotans to vote for marriage, with footage from Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous speech and the civil rights movement.”

The ad actually co-opts Dr. King’s fight for civil rights in order to advocate putting the rights of same-sex couples on the ballot for a popular vote!

The ad comes after a federal court this week upheld Minnesota’s campaign disclosure laws from a challenge by lawyers representing the NOM in its radical nationwide efforts to dismantle state laws that provide transparency about who is funding political campaigns. NOM has failed to disclose any of its political activities in Minnesota including television and radio ads against pro-equality candidates and a widely-condemned mailer targeting an openly-gay Republican candidate in his primary race. Questions have been raised about whether NOM is deliberately evading Minnesota’s public disclosure requirements.

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