PrideHoustonWe’re finally starting to get some cooler weather in Houston so it might be hard to contemplate that anyone would be planning for June’s scorching temperatures, but that’s just what the good people over at Pride Houston are doing. Nominations for the 2012 Houston LGBT Pride Grand Marshals are officially open.

Each year Houston has four Grand Marshals: Male, Female, Ally and Organization. In order to qualify a Grand Marshal must live in Houston (or have their office in Houston in the case of the Organization) and must have made a significant contribution to the LGBT community over the last four years.

Pride Houston requires that those nominating Grand Marshals first get the contact information of the nominee. Once the nomination process ends on December 16, the Pride Advisory Committee, made up of former Grand Marshals and Pride Board members, reviews the nominations and selects eligible nominees. The selected nominees will be unveiled in January, after which the community will have the opportunity to vote on the final selections.

For more information or to nominate someone as Grand Marshal visit