Aubrey "Dr. Shock" Levin

Aubrey "Dr. Shock" Levin

Dr. Aubrey Levin, the psychiatrist who left South Africa after the end of apartheid amid charges stemming from his efforts to “cure” gays in the South Africa military, has been arrested in Calgary, Canada for sexually assaulting his male patients, according to this report published Sunday in The Guardian.

Levin was known in South Africa as “Dr. Shock,” thanks to his proclivity for using electroshock therapy to try and “cure” gays of their homosexuality. He was also accused of chemically castrating a gay man there as part of his “therapy” and of having driven one gay man to suicide. South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Committee identified him as committed “gross human rights abuses.”

He escaped to Canada in the 1990s, hiding past accusations against him by threatening lawsuits against news organizations that attempted to investigate, according to The Guardian.

Levin was arrested after one of the patients secretly filmed him making sexual advances. He was arrested and released on bail, and he has been suspended from practicing. He worked at the University of Calgary medical school.

The Guardian also said police in Calgary are investigating claims by more than 30 other men — other than the case in which Levin is already charged — that Levin assaulted and abused them, and authorities are reviewing a number of cases in which Levin testified as an expert witness.siteоптимизация сайтов под гугл