Zack Rosen

Zack Rose

A lot of people thought the National Equality March was an event staged by what might be termed the “A Gays” — the politically connected activists with lots of media savvy and experience.

That would be partially right: The people organizing it are indeed savvy activists, but they are not just the “A” crowd.

A good example of how this march has broken out of the mold is the inclusion of a lot of transgendered men and women as well as the up and coming “new” gays.

Zach Rosen runs a Web site called “” and, as their motto goes, it is for “everyone over the rainbow.” Zack worked for a while as a reporter for the Washington Blade but found the atmosphere restrictive. In his words, a lot of his articles were not “gay enough.”

When the Blade downsized, Zack moved on and started the Web site. The site covers culture, events and commentary that are decidedly more alternative than conservative publications. Sporting a healthy dose of ink, Zack identifies with a new brand of gay who is comfortable with the label “queer.”

Beyond the traditional gay scene, he finds a thriving LGBTQ culture that populates D.C.’s alternative music and club scene. He sees his generation as being able to “be gay and be yourself.” Supporting the National Equality March is something he felt he had to do.

It is no accident that the title of his site The New Gay goes by the acronym, TNG. Zack and many more young people like him are what makes this march on Washington “not your daddy’s march.”рекламное агентствоузнать позицию сайта в поиске