Over the last few days, I have gotten some flack from people angry with me for not approving their comments to posts on Instant Tea. Let me just clarify the situation.

There are terms of use you have to agree to to post a comment. If you violate those terms of service, I will not approve your post. If you name specific people and accuse them of knowingly engaging in illegal activity — without any proof that what you are saying is true — I will not approve your post. (And no, “So-and-so said that they heard…” is not proof enough for me.)

Most people who post comments on this blog do not use their real name, or they use only a first name. So if some of you get on here and get in a name-calling fight, I have no problem with that. But if it goes too far, I will delete the posts.

Trust me, whether a comment gets approved has nothing whatsoever with whether I agree with it, or whether I have some bias toward one opinion or another. It is instead all about whether I feel the comment could cause problems for my company or that it goes too far beyond the bounds of civil discourse. And yes, I am the one who gets to decide.oksnatcher.ruиндексация сайта в поисковиках