Retired Army Lt. Col. Grady Fairbairn

Fort Worth Police have offered no new information on the April 30 murder of 72-year-old Grady Fairbairn near the Rainbow Lounge since releasing blurry photos taken from a surveillance video of a man police described as “a person of interest” in the investigation on May 25.

Fairbairn, a retired Army lieutenant colonel was found just after 10 p.m., beaten and robbed, on a side street less than two blocks away from the gay bar. He was pronounced dead about 30 minutes later at JPS Hospital from what the medical examiner later determined were multiple blunt trauma injuries to the head.

At the time, police said no one knew why Fairbairn was in that area the night he was killed, and since then, officials have released little information about the victim.

But now the Fort Worth Star-Telegram has posted this story that gives more background information on Fairbairn and where he had been earlier the night he died. There is still no information on why he was parked on that dark street near the Rainbow Lounge; even the family is mystified, according to a statement one of his sons gave the Star-Telegram.

The newspaper did include a statement from Thomas Anable, accountant for the Rainbow Lounge, who said that no one from the bar knew Fairbairn, nor did anyone remember having seen him there before.seriesportal.ruсео оптимизация это