It’s official: Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez is resigning to run for governor

It’s official, and this time it’s for sure: Lupe Valdez is resigning her post as sheriff of Dallas County to run for governor of Texas. That makes her the second LGBT person running in the Democratic Primary; businessman Jeffrey Payne announced his candidacy this summer and officially filed in the race on Monday, Dec. 4.

Valdez announced her intention this morning (Wednesday, Dec. 6) around 6 p.m., and will make the official announcement just before noon at the Dallas County Democratic Party Headquarters. She will also submit her letter of resignation to the Dallas County Commissioners, giving commissioners the chance to start looking for a temporary replacement.

Valdez has until 6 p.m. Monday, Dec. 11, to actually file for the primary. According to Ballotpedia, there are six other candidates who have announced their intentions to run in the Democratic Primary. Valdez’s official announcement comes about a week after the has-she/hasn’t-she uproar that erupted when someone in the Dallas County Democratic Party told media outlets that Valdez had already resigned as sheriff to enter the race.

In the statement released this morning, Valdez said:

“Like so many hardworking Texans, I know it’s tough deciding between buying food, finding a decent place to live, and setting aside money for college tuition. Opportunity in Texas ought to be as big as this great state, but it is out of reach for far too many, that’s why I’m running for Texas governor. I’m a proud Texas Democrat. I believe good government can make people’s lives better, and I intend to do just that.”

Valdez is the only Hispanic lesbian sheriff in the country, and one of few female sheriffs in Texas.

Below is video from Valdez’s Facebook page, recorded live as she made the announcement this morning.