In Friday’s Voice we reported that gay business owner and attorney James Nowlin is planning to run for the District 14 seat on the Dallas City Council, assuming that incumbent Angela Hunt steps down to run for mayor.

If he wins the seat, Nowlin would become the city’s first openly gay council member since Ed Oakley, who vacated his District 3 seat in 2007 to run for mayor – a race he lost to Tom Leppert in a runoff.

Oakley’s departure meant that for the first time since 1993, the council didn’t have an openly gay member. But thanks to some strong allies on the council, as well as Leppert’s openly gay chief of staff, the sky hasn’t fallen.

Still, with 14 representatives plus the mayor on the council in the nation’s ninth-largest city, it makes sense for Dallas to have at least one openly gay councilperson. And Nowlin certainly seems like a qualified and viable candidate.

Among other things, we’re impressed with Nowlin’s candidness about his sexual orientation. He hasn’t at all shied away from interviews with the Voice, and he states plainly on his campaign website that, “James and his partner, John, live in Lakewood Heights and attend Cathedral of Hope as well as Unity Church of Christianity.”

Anyhow, following our story, Nowlin sent out an e-mail on Saturday formally announcing his candidacy and requesting donations. We’ve posted the full text of the e-mail after the jump.

Dear Friends,

I hope that this email finds your 2011 off to a great start! I am excited to inform you that on this past Thursday, I began my campaign for Dallas City Council, District 14. As you may have heard, Councilwoman Angela Hunt revealed earlier this week that she is considering running for Mayor of Dallas – something that she and I have been discussing for more than a year. Councilwoman Hunt and I have talked many times about my desire to succeed her as District 14’s representative. Now that it is clear that she plans to pursue another office, my campaign for Dallas City Council begins!

Our website is up and going at We have filed the necessary paperwork, assembled a strong campaign team, and begun raising funds needed to conduct an aggressive grassroots campaign.

Please donate today at Your support is critical to our successful campaign efforts.

We only have a few months before the May 14 election for the voters to learn about my passion to serve and how I plan to tackle pressing budget, economic development, infrastructure, public safety, and human rights issues. District 14 has a legacy of strong leadership elected by informed voters and I will be walking door-to-door to meet voters and discuss the issues important to them.

I hope that I can count on your support, and finally feel free to contact me any time at or 214-446-8580 at any time if you have any advice or input into this effort. With your help, we look forward to victory on Election Day, Saturday, May 14, 2011!!!

Please make your donation today. I hope that I can count on you to visit to sign up for campaign notices and to make a financial contribution.

THANK YOU and onward to victory in May!!!

Your friend,