James Nowlin

Openly gay candidate James Nowlin has raised the most money thus far among four District 14 Dallas City Council hopefuls, nearly doubling the amount brought in by three-term incumbent Angela Hunt. However, Hunt has more money in the bank.

Nowlin raised $51,092 and had $25,985 left over, according to a campaign finance report filed with the City Secretary’s Office this week. Hunt raised $28,749 and had $27,220 in the bank, according to her campaign finance report.

The other two candidates in District 14 are Brian Oley, who reported $1,600 raised, and Vernon Franko, who reported $0 raised.

“We’re Number One!” Nowlin declared in the subject line of an e-mail to supporters Friday evening seeking additional contributions.

Openly gay candidate Casie Pierce, who’s vying for the District 7 seat, had raised $6,220, according to her report. District 7 incumbent Carolyn Davis reported $10,075 in contributions. Both Pierce and Davis reported no money remaining in their campaign accounts, even though their expenditures were less than their total contributions.

Early voting for the May 14 municipal elections begins May 2.