By Daniel A. Kusner Life+Style Editor

Ever since Manhattan yoga instructor Aaron Star held the first naked yoga class in 1998, the idea was a hit. Even Dallas recently formed a group ( that meets twice a week.
While naked yoga sounds enticing, bashful hopefuls are easily scared off: Is it just a sex club? What if I’ve never attempted yoga before?
Released this week and just in time for those fitness resolutions Star created a 4-disc “Hot Nude Yoga” DVD series ($89) that offers a taste of what to expect.
Disc 1, “Virgin” ($29.99), is designed for the beginner. The class takes a gentle approach to yoga, featuring a small group of gay guys who strip down in a sun-drenched Manhattan loft. Directed by Michael Selditch (“Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”), the video shows Star leading the class through easy-to-follow lessons that focus on abdominal breathing, flexing and stretching exercises. It’s also mildly erotic. The men are naked, but like any yogi, Star helps students with poses, which means there’s some touching. But this it’s a yoga class, not an orgy. And if you’re interesting in attending naked yoga, Star’s DVDs are a terrific primer.
Daniel A. Kusner
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With the wildly popular calendar series “Dieux du Stade” (Gods of the Stadium), the accompanying coffetable book and behind-the-scenes DVD, the French naked rugby craze has reached its limit. Or has it?
For the 2006 editions, they replaced photographer Francois Rousseau and brought in Fred Goudon. The 12-month calendar got much bigger expanding to a 39-page pinup. And the DVD (MRA Entertainment, $19.99) has also dramatically improved.
In the past, the video edition was like any photoshoot, which means it was boring. But for 2006, the camera work and editing are like a super-stylized, lusty Calvin Klein commercial. For the 118-minute run time, you cannot take your eyes off the 36 gorgeous jocks. Although there are only two flashes of full frontal nudity, you won’t feel cheated. The classical music soundtrack is a bit dainty, but this is a feast for the eyes, not the ears. Overall, the DVD is a better buy (and cheaper) than the calendar or coffeetable book.
D. A. K.
Grade: B odnobotчто такое раскрутка сайта