In honor of LGBT Pride Month, the real estate website Trulia Trends has compiled rankings of the 10 gayest and 10 most lesbian neighborhoods in the U.S., based on zip codes with the highest concentrations of male and female same-sex households, respectively, according to the 2010 U.S. Census.

Oak Lawn, or zip code 75219 in Dallas, has the eighth-highest concentration of gay male couples in the U.S., Trulia found. The rankings also list the median price per square foot in the 10 neighborhoods. Although not the lowest at $160 per square foot, Oak Lawn is on the low end, especially compared to San Francisco’s Castro at $671 per square foot and Cape Cod’s Provincetown at $532.

On the ladies’ side, no neighborhood in Texas made the top 10 for highest concentration of same-sex female households, and four of the top 10 are in Massachusetts.

As we noted last summer when Census data was released, based on concentrations of same-sex households, Dallas is the 13th-gayest city in the U.S. overall — and the gayest in Texas.

But we should again note that because the Census doesn’t ask about sexual orientation, the data includes only self-identified same-sex households and not single gays and lesbians.