Mikal Jones, 53, died at his home in Oak Lawn on June 10, with his husband, Rick Roan, their little boy Bichon, Asta, by his side. He passed calmly and for the first time in more than six years looked peaceful and free of pain, thanks to help from hospice that allowed him to remain at home.
Mikal and Rick were together 22 years and were married in Ontario 12 years ago.

In April 2010, Mikal fell from a large tree in the front of their house in Oak Cliff. He had been cutting down broken tree limbs caused by a winter snowstorm. He broke his right leg, smashed his ankle and fractured his back in the fall. Mikal wanted the surgeon to amputate the leg, but the surgeon chose to rebuild it using metal. Within six months, Mikal’s body rejected the metal, forcing doctors to amputate the leg anyway. Another surgery was required to remove debris from his knee.

The fall and subsequent surgeries caused an uncommon syndrome called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or CRPS, and Mikal spent his remaining years in horrific, burning pain.

In September 2015, Mikal’s doctor discovered a malignant mass around his trachea and esophagus. The cancer — an aggressive form called adenocarcinoma — had already metastasized to his kidneys, lungs and liver. Because he faced such a poor prognosis, Mikale chose to let the disease run its course, giving himself the chance for more quality of life in his last days.

Mikal was born in Oklahoma City but his primary residence was his family’s compound in La Jolla, Calif. He was fortunate to have traveled the world. Mikal came to Dallas in the 1980s and always considered it to be home. When the AIDS pandemic struck, he and some close friends started delivering meals to the sick and dying men. All of Mikal’s friends were taken by AIDS.

Mikal met his husband in Pennsylvania while he was staying with a cousin there. From Pennsylvania, the couple movedto High Springs, Fla. for a year, then to Dallas.

Mikal worked as a psychotherapist for 15 years. He also worked in Dallas as the director of an outpatient drug and alcohol facility and as a case manager at DSSW, working primarily with handicapped individuals.

In addition to his husband, Mikal is survived by his mother, Hellen Jones; his brother, Monty; and his uncle, Steve, all of Oklahoma City; an aunt, Louise, of Hawthorne, Okla; and various other family members. He is also survived by his family of choice, Sree Hameed of Dallas, Barb and Ben Sample of Atlanta, Norman Ussery of Iowa, Scott Sarandis of Missouri, Roslyn Scott of Plano, Jill Zeagler of Dallas and Richard Beach of Williamsport, Penn.
As per Mikal’s wishes his body will be cremated. No services are scheduled.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition July 1, 2016.