Ohlook, the self-described “crazy little theater in Grapevine” which we’ve reported on in the past because of their odd, gay-friendly slate of definitely-not-the-‘burbs theater, needs to raise some dough. As we noted last summer, their gay little production of Dog Sees God won some awards at a play festival in Rochester, N.Y. They have the chance to do the same in Canada, but need to raise funds to get it there.

They hope to represent the U.S. at the Liverpool International Theater Festival in Nova Scotia (May 16–20). Any contributions to their travel fund (you can donate at OhlookPerform.com) would help them spread a little queer culture north of the border.

In other news, Ohlook — which has been on a hunt for a new theater space — finally has nailed one down, and will open soon at 1631 W. Northwest Highway in Grapevine. To say goodbye to their old space, this Friday will be a marathon performance of Evil Dead: The Musical. Starting at 8 p.m., it’ll be performed every two and a half hours until they can’t go on. It’s BYOB (Bring Your Own Blanket).