Grapevine’s Ohlook Performing Arts Center’s production of the gay play Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead, has been selected for competition in AACTFest11, the American Association of Community Theatre play festival, to be held in Rochester, N.Y. June 20-26.

Dog Sees God is an irreverent comedy that imagines what would happen if the gang from Peanuts — Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, etc. — grew into dysfunction teens. Among the developments: Pig Pen has turned into a neat-freak jock who masks his own gay longings in homophobic rants; Linus has become a pothead philosopher and Schroeder is a survivor of his father’s sexual abuse.

Earlier this year, Ohlook produced Trannie, a musical riff on Annie as a cross-dresser looking for her biological father.