Oklahoma State Capitol

An email sent to teenage pages who work in the Oklahoma Capitol building warned that crossdressers would be in the building when about 70 LGBT students from Tulsa spent a day lobbying their legislators yesterday.

The email was sent by Karen Kipgin, a staffer who oversees the page program.

“As per the Speaker’s office, Pages are being allowed access to the ladies restroom across from 401, for today. Again, there are cross-dressers in the building.”

The visit by Tulsa students was sponsored by Equality Oklahoma. The main issue students planned to talk to legislators about was HIV funding, because most of the anti-LGBT bills have already been killed, according to a report in Tulsa World.

Speaker of the House Charles McCall disavowed the email in a statement.

“The email was not authorized by me, my staff or my office,” McCall wrote. “It was sent unilaterally by a House staff member without any input or permission. I was unaware that such an email was being sent, and the remarks contained in the email are not condoned by me or the Office of the Speaker. As Speaker, all Oklahomans should feel welcome in the Oklahoma Capitol building. We are looking into this matter, and it will be taken seriously.”