Oklahoma state Rep. Emily Virgin

Oklahoma state Rep. Emily Virgin drew the blueprint for how to defeat bills legalizing discrimination popping up in legislatures across the country.

The so-called Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act would have allowed businesses to refuse service to individuals that business owner perceived as being gay, lesbian or transgender. The bill was meant to target same-sex weddings.

According to her Facebook page, the bill has been pulled from consideration for this session, but she warned bigots in the Oklahoma House of Representatives she’d be keeping an eye on their attempts to legalize discrimination.

Virgin amended the bill agreeing that is was fine to discriminate as long as you gave notice. All she was doing was saving everyone from embarrassment. Post a notice in your business, put it on your website and place it in your advertising. Hell, she even included race as a class you don’t have to serve in your business as long as you post it.

After all, you’re a bigot. Own it. Be proud of who you are and what your religion teaches you. Impose your values on everyone else. That’s what business does, right?

That way, business owners would avoid the embarrassment of having to throw out the gays. In fact, they wouldn’t even have to worry about the gays walking into their businesses. And the gays would avoid the embarrassment of being thrown out. And as we pointed out, not only would the LGBT community avoid being refused service by these businesses, but our friends, families, coworkers and allies could also avoid them.

Understanding that the bill could bankrupt many well meaning, church-going business owners, the bill was pulled.