Mary FallinOklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin defended the anti-LGBT Republican platform on CNN today (Monday, July 18) saying there were gay people on the platform committee.

Actually, of the 112 members of the GOP platform committee, only one, Rachel Hoff, was lesbian. She made impassioned pleas for the party to soften its rhetoric that were completely ignored.

Fallin went on to defend the document that vilifies everything from same-sex marriage to the idea that transgender people have a right to pee by saying the platform is about “how can we make America great and how can we believe and stand for human rights of all people.”

All people — unless they happen to LGBT and want to get married or go to the bathroom.

The platform also calls for passage of the First Amendment Defense Act that would allow anyone to discriminate against LGBT people by simply claiming “a deeply held religious belief.”

Here’s the interview: