Gov. Mary Fallin

Gov. Mary Fallin


Mary Fallin avoided making Oklahoma a complete laughing stock by vetoing the bill that would criminalize abortion in the state, according to CNN.


Who the fuck cares what the U.S. Supreme Court says? Certainly not the Oklahoma State Legislature.

The brain trust of the Oklahoma Legislature has passed a bill making it a felony to perform an abortion, according to the Daily Oklahoman. Anyone found guilty of performing an abortion could receive up to three years in prison and lose their medical license.

Of course, because the legislature is pro-life, there’s an exception if the abortion is to save the life of the mother.

The bill is on the way to Gov. Mary Fallin’s desk. She has not decided whether or not to sign the unconstitutional bill. She has five days to decide whether to take away a constitutional right.
State Sen. Ervin Yen, a doctor who is apparently also not deranged, said if it is signed into law, the measure would be declared null and void.

If Fallin signs the bill, it won’t be the first abortion bill she’s signed that’s been found to be unconstitutional.