You might recall our lovefest for the new(ish) Maple and Motor Burgers joint. In fact, it’s making my mouth water right now and I’m totally regretting the 7-11 tuna sandwich I opted for instead. Today, they give us a reason to be thankful for the place. They posted this to help out peeps with their Thanksgiving dinner.

Bring a cooler in tomorrow between 1:30 and 3:00 and I’ll fill it with ice for your Thanksgiving feast. You can also pick up beer for Turkey Day and take it with you.

Free ice? Very nice. Maybe it’s just me but I think that’s a pretty awesome gesture. Or maybe my family uses too much ice on Thanksgiving that I appreciate it differently. But it gave me one more reason to dig the spot as did this.

The beer, however, not online gameкак создать бизнес в интернет