I got a press release today about a company called Suddenly Fem, which bills itself as the “largest manufacturer in a unique niche market.”

Suddenly Fem, according to the press release, is a company that manufacturers clothing — and more — specifically for men who want to dress as women. They do not, the press release stresses, offer larger sizes of women’s clothing and shoes.

“What makes Suddenly Fem unique is that instead of buying reselling traditional women’s clothing, this privately-held company designs all clothing and accessories specifically with men in mind,” the press release says. “Each style, manufactured in factories domestically and overseas, is created exclusively to fit men, whose bodies are completely opposite of women. Men are taller, have wider shoulders, straighter hips, longer torsos and longer arms.”

I went to the Web site and I have to say, they truly have some nice clothes, not to mention the special accessories that a man would need to be more convincing as a woman, including the pretty undies designed to hide those more obviously male features if you know what I mean.

Anyway, everybody likes having nice clothes and accessories designed to fit them and their body type, and if you perform as a female impersonator, if you are a pre-op MTF trans woman or if you are a man who enjoys crossdressing, looks like this site has you covered: http://www.crossdresser.com.сайтpr страницы определить