For the past year, we’ve been hearing Democrats on Capitol Hill talk in code about the need to avoid “controversial” issues. One of those issues is always Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. But, repealing DADT isn’t controversial for most Americans. They’re on our side — and have been. It’s just that DC-based Democrats are ingrained by staffers and consultants to think that gay issues are dangerous. The reality is that not ending DADT is the politically dangerous position. CNN’s latest poll shows 72% of respondents favor “permitting people who are openly gay or lesbian to serve in the military.” Only 23% oppose. Meanwhile, the same CNN poll also shows “Only a third of all Americans think Bush-era tax cuts should be extended for families regardless of how much money they make, according to a new national poll.” Yet, many of the same Democrats who think DADT is controversial are falling over themselves to accommodate that minority view. It’s pathetic how weak Democrats are. Just pathetic.
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CNN has featured a column on DADT from Justin Elzie and Tanya Domi.