ONSTAGE_Disaster-by-JAMIE-JAMISONWhen you hear about arts organizations get into battles with city budget hawks, you usually think Dallas and the Arts District. But for a few weeks, the roiling issues have been up in Bedford, where for 30-plus years the community theater group Onstage in Bedford has scrappily produced theater; it’s most recent production, the campy Disaster!, pictured, closed last month. Since 1985, its home has been in a venue called the Bedford Boys Ranch.

But last month, the Bedford city council was planning to raze the ranch, leaving Onstage without a home very quickly … and no prospects for a new one. In true activist fashion, the nonprofit organized its supporters to come out in favor of saving the lively arts in Bedford.

Last night came word that Onstage in Bedford is safe … for now.

The city council approved a $70 million bond package to be put up for a vote in November,” Mike Hathaway, president of Onstage, wrote. Many on the council supported the plan to earmark $10 million to expand the Old Bedford School into a performing arts center, which could then house Onstage. “Details will be hammered out on Aug. 15,” Hathaway wrote, “[but] for now, it looks like Onstage will be moving in a couples of years to a brand new home with no interruption in service.”

It’s always nice when the arts have champions among the bean counters.

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