After a weekend of exhaustive theatergoing, much of it spent at WaterTower’s Out of the Loop Fringe Festival in Addison, my eyes are nearly glazed. They certainly were by GREEN, a thriller without any thrills and a plot rehashed from the awful George C. Scott-Marlon Brando film THE FORMULA. Sloppily directed and without much structure, it’s a decent idea that devolves into silly melodrama quickly.

More charming was Bill Bowers’ mime act UNDER A MONTANA MOON. Yeah, yeah, I know: Mime. But it is delightful to watch and even touches on Matthew Shepard.

But the latest of the best is easily I GOOGLE MYSELF, with Kevin Moore as a scary-obsessive nerd who has the same name as a gay porn star (Chad Peterson) … and an abusive former 7th grader (Joel McDonald). Timely, edgy, hysterically funny, it crystalizes celebrity culture brilliantly. There are two more performances, so see it when you can. If you don’t know when they are, that’s easy — just Google it.как дать рекламуреклама фирмы