Openly Jake'

‘Openly Jake’ Reynolds

Today in my inbox, I found an email promoting the latest video by “Openly Jake,” about one of the latest “anti-gay pastor is really gay” scandal. So I went and watched the video, and found myself enjoying it. So I thought I’d share with you guys.

Jake Reynolds is one of the folks from the web series The Spinoffs. That bit of info didn’t help me any, because I’d never heard of The Spinoffs. But maybe you have. This is what Jake has to say about himself and his “Openly Jake” vlog:

“As much as I love living with my crazy-awesome roommates, I kinda wish I was living in the Marvel Universe. Oh yeah, and I’m gay. (What did you think the “openly” was about?) JK! My vlog is about a lot of other things too. It took me years to finally tell the truth about myself, so that’s what I’m all about: truth. Even though a lot of it is funny (cause honesty can be the funniest thing), I also talk to other people to find out what’s “real” about them, and I even talk to myself about that. I’ve got a long way to go and a lot to learn. Sometimes life is just silly! #AmIRight? haha”

Jake’s latest vlog, which you can watch below, offers his take on Pastor Matthew Makela who reportedly “counseled” a suicidal gay teen by telling the young man that he should just go ahead and kill himself, since he was going to hell anyway for being gay. Makela, Jake points out, got caught advertising for a boyfriend — or at least, a fuck buddy — on the gay dating app Grindr. Makela described himself as “a top who likes to cuddle” looking for a bottom, and included shirtless photos of himself.

You can read more about Makela here at You can watch Openly Jake’s take below.