Don’t torture me, Operation Kindness.

I am widely known for being a soft touch when it comes to rescue animals. I currently have four in my house, all adopted from shelters, and all, in their way, “special needs,” like my one-eyed Chihuahua Popeye and my mentally infirm pit bull mix, Huckleberry, pictured. Most weeks, I’m not even allowed to look at the “Pet of the Week” in the Voice, for fear of breaking down and adding to my brood.

But Operation Kindness is making it very difficult.

From Aug. 31 to Sept. 3, the no-kill shelter is having its own Labor Day sale — $25 off all pet adoptions. That’s as much as a 20 percent discount on normal adoption fees. And so many doggies and kittycats need homes, I’m sure even I can’t adopt all of them. (My cat Banjo will probably have something to say about that, anyway.)

So please, save me from myself. If everybody adopts one, then maybe there won’t be any left for me to bankrupt myself adopting.

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