The DFW Regional Affiliation of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates recently held its 2008 officer elections on Nov. 20 at the Resource Center of Dallas. The new 2008 DFW Regional Affiliate Council officers are: Regional Chair Ron Ausemus; Secretary Jeff Snook; Treasurer Evelyn Caldwell; Marketing & Communications coordinator Mark Quigley; Community Outreach coordinator Sherry Hooten; and Chair Emeritus Paul von Wupperfeld. Elected as new Regional Council members were Ted Van Trabert and Jeff Falin who began their two-year council terms in December. Returning for the second year of their two-year terms on the Regional Council are Bill Smith, Russell Wallace, Mike Degroot, Sam Santiago, John Connell and Bruce Shelton. Pictured are, back from left, Sam Santiago, Jeff Snook, Ted Van Trabert, Russell Wallace, Bruce Shelton and Jeff Falin, and, front, from left, Mark Quigley, Paul von Wupperfeld, Evelyn Caldwell, Ron Ausemus and Sherry Hooten.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition January 4, 2008 siteэффективный интернет маркетинг запчастей